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SRMC Hard Hat Report

Find out the latest news in our Hard Hat Report about our construction projects going on at Sampson Regional Medical Center to improve your comfort and care. 

Improving your patient experience is at the heart of each update.  We understand that during this time of construction that you may experience some inconvenience, but please be assured that we are taking every effort to make them as minimal as possible.  

Emergency Department Renovation

Project Completion Projected for September 2016
Hospital History - Sampson Regional Medical Center, formally known as Sampson County Memorial Hospital, completed a major expansion in 1956, adding the Emergency Room just six years after the main hospital was dedicated on October 5, 1950.  In 2010, Sampson Regional Medical Center improved the Emergency Department (ED) with the addition of five fast track rooms.  The Fast Track service expedites wait times in the ER by allowing the least acute patients to be treated by a Physician Assistant, rather than waiting for a bed in the ER. Bringing us forward to 2015 and our current renovation of our Emergency Room to better meet today's patient volumes.  Our ED is current designed with a bed capacity for about 17,000 visits annually; today's ED volumes exceed 30,000 annually.  The $500,000 project will increase bed capacity without new bricks and mortar by modifying the current lobby and waiting area space so that it can become part of the new ED treatment area.  With the completion of the ED renovation, patients will notice enhanced services that will improve their care and comfort during their visit.

Enhanced Emergency Services
  • Greater Privacy & Larger Rooms
  • Additional Trauma Room
  • Total of 9 New Rooms
  • Fresh Modern Look

Phase I -- Lobby Renovations
Projected Completion of Phase I -- November 2015

Renovations of the Outpatient Registration lobby began October 5, 2015 with HN Carr being the contractor on this project.  Emergency Department renovations will be accomplished in phases, with Phase I being the update and combining of the lobby area for Outpatient Registration and Emergency Department. Updated features will include new decor and furnishings to promote a comfortable and relaxed environment for both patients and visitors. The current Outpatient Registration entrance will become the single entrance for both the Emergency Room and Outpatient Registration.

Week 1 --  Construction of Phase I of the ED project began October 5, 2015.  Renovations will be made to the waiting/reception area and is expected to be completed in a few weeks. The Outpatient Registration entrance will be closed during this phase of the renovation.  All ED patients and Outpatient Registration should use the Emergency Department entrance.  

Week 2 --  The ED renovation work ran according to schedule last week.  Demolition work occurs this week.

Week 3 --  The ED renovation is running according to schedule.  Work continues this week to rebuild the lobby and registration desk in the area currently closed for construction.

Week 4 --  Phase I of the ED renovation is on schedule for completion this week.  The project management team is conducting reviews of Phase II plans in preparation for the beginning that work at the conclusion of Phase 1.  Phase II begins next week.   

Week 5 --  Phase I of the ED Renovation is complete, pending inspection this week by DHSR and the county's building inspector.  Once the area is inspected and SRMC is provided a Certificate of Occupancy, the lobby will reopen to staff and visitors.  The lobby will serve as the permanent waiting area for both ER patients and outpatient registrants.  We look forward to delivery of our new furniture in this area within the next several weeks.  Work will begin on Phase II of the ED renovations this week after inspections.


Phase II -- New Treatment Rooms
Projected Completion of Phase II -- December 2015
The newly designed yet smaller lobby constructed during Phase I allows room for construction of the new treatment rooms.  During this phase, we will construct additional treatment rooms, growing from 14 to 23.  More rooms allow increased opportunity for direct bedding soon after patients are registered.

Week 1 -- We've moved into Phase II of the Emergency Room renovation.  This phase will involve converting the older waiting area on the ER side into treatment rooms.  Please note that the new lobby is now the entrance for both Emergency Room and Outpatient registrants.

Week 2 --  The ED renovation is running according to schedule.  Demo of the former Emergency waiting area is now making way for the construction of  6 new treatment areas. Please note that the new lobby completed in Phase I is now the entrance for both Emergency Room and Outpatient registrants.


Phase III -- New Trauma Room & Update Existing ED
Projected Completion of Phase III & IV -- September 2016
This phase brings an improved floor plan for patient and staff flow.  Curtained bays are converted to private treatment areas to enhance patient comfort and privacy.  Our trauma space grows from one room to two.  Click here for a look at the progress.  

OB/Women's Services Unit

Construction in our women's services unit has started!  We are very excited to see the transformation that will occur during this renovation project.  Fresh paint in warm and welcoming tones will cover the walls starting in the waiting area and continuing throughout the entire unit.  New flooring has begun being installed and already the transformation looks amazing!  The refresh project in the women's services unit will transform the look and provide an updated and fresh appeal to this part of the facility.