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Blood donors needed for all blood types

July 21, 2016

Sampson Regional Medical Center is in need of donors for all blood types.  While the blood donor center is not on critical shortage at this time, it is imperative to maintain a consistent supply to be prepared for emergencies and trauma situations.

Donors can make appointments for blood donations to fit their schedule by visiting  By visiting this site, donors can submit a request for more information on blood donor services, schedule an onsite blood drive, or schedule a request for an individual donation time.  Sampson Regional Medical Center’s blood donor center is conveniently located inside the Outpatient Diagnostics Center at 233 Beaman Street and is open Monday-Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and extended hours on the second Tuesday of each month, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00p.m for individual donations.  While appointments are not necessary, it is recommended to call and reserve a time that is convenient for the donor.  

SampsonRMC is one of few hospitals in the state that provide most all of its blood supply.  According to SampsonRMC’s Blood Donor Coordinator, Debbie Gautier, R.N., the summer months mean fewer donors.  “Many of our regular donors do not give as often during summer months when they are on vacation, and our supporting organizations typically do not schedule blood drives in the summer.”  SampsonRMC’s shortage comes at a time when the demand is up. “Updated screening precautions are in place related to the Zika virus, along with a new regulatory change that raises the male minimum Hemoglobin level that can also restrict some of our regular donors,” stated Gautier.    The need for a strong supply is important during the coming months.

Donors must meet the following requirements before becoming a blood donor.

·         Be in good general health

·         At least 18 years of age and weigh over 110 pounds

·         Persons 17 years old may donate with parental consent


The hospital’s AABB accredited blood bank is not affiliated with the American Red Cross. The blood bank relies on blood donations from people who live or work in Sampson County and who give directly to SampsonRMC.  When community members give, their donation is used locally at SampsonRMC to help patients who are often their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. 

Donors may reach SampsonRMC’s Blood Donor Center at 910-592-2689 ext. 2253.  Most blood donations last approximately 45 minutes.  Donors are eligible every eight weeks to give blood.  SampsonRMC is also scheduling onsite blood drives for any organization within the community.   Any business, school, church, or other organization may get involved by contacting Debbie Gautier, R.N. at 910-592-2689, ext. 2253.