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SampsonRMC graduates first dermatology resident

September 06, 2017

Sampson Regional Medical Center (SampsonRMC) is pleased to announce Dr. Laura Sandoval as the first resident to graduate from the hospital’s dermatology residency program.  In 2014, SampsonRMC partnered with the Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine at Campbell University to form the university’s first dermatology residency program in North Carolina.  SampsonRMC’s fully accredited program under the American Oseteopathic Association accepted its first resident, Dr. Laura Sandoval, in September 2014 for a three-year residency.

Under the program direction of dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Crane, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., Dr. Sandoval completed her rotations and built the foundation for future residents of the program.   “SampsonRMC has built a reputation as being an outstanding dermatology residency program, mainly in part of Dr. Sandoval’s commitment to make this a top program,” stated Dr. Crane.  During her time in the program, she worked to arrange lectures and didactics of about 10 hours a week for the second class of residents in the program.  Residents in the dermatology program are performing well above average, often in the top 10%, on in-service exams compared to other dermatology residencies throughout the country.

Residents recently showed their skills during the American Academy of Dermatology’s Derm Bowl.  Competing against some of the top dermatology residencies in the United States, SampsonRMC’s dermatology residents made it to the final 16, only to be beat by one point to Yale Dermatology residents.  “It’s a real-life Sampson vs. Goliath and the residents are performing outstanding,” added Dr. Crane regarding  the residents’ recent performance at the Derm Bowl. 

When asked about her time in the residency program, Dr. Sandoval commended Dr. Crane and her fellow residents for their hard work to grow and overcome many of the challenges faced when developing the program.  “This has been a very rewarding experience.  I am very proud of how far we have come in a short period and feel SampsonRMC’s program will continue to grow and train excellent future dermatologists,” explained Sandoval. 

As she begins her dermatology career, she feels more than prepared with her training that she received in medical and surgical dermatology over her three-year residency.  Dr. Sandoval plans to apply all that she learned as she joins a private practice in her hometown of Palm Desert, California. 

Dr. Crane praises Dr. Sandoval on her performance while in her residency at SampsonRMC.  “We could not have had a better first resident, as well as chief resident, than Dr. Sandoval.  The bar was set high by Dr. Sandoval and the current six residents are all reaching the bar.  She should be proud of her contributions as we all are.”