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Family Medicine Residency

About the Program / Educational Purpose

The family medicine residency is designed to offer a comprehensive program that provides clinical, procedural, and didactic education in both the inpatient and outpatient settings to help residents become competent, proficient, and professional physicians.

Residents participate in didactic and clinic sessions and complete rotations in settings provided by SRMC.  Clinical experience is designed to assure longitudinal and continuity of care training that includes hands-on experience, self-evaluation, and faculty evaluation.  

Programs & Coordinator Contact Info

Cheryl Barefoot, Graduate Medical Education Coordinator.
Phone: 910-592-8511 ext. 5421 or direct at 910-596-5421

Family Medicine Residents

Keith Burke

Kendall Hennard

Steven Jones

Rita Mikhail

Alanna Hannegraf

Dylon Howard

James McNamara

Kira Groves

Rosemary Savage

Sample Curriculum

Program Year 1

FM Inpatient Service- 3 mthsNight float/IM- 2 mths
ER- 1 mth
Surgery- 1 mth
OB/Newborn- 2 mth
Peds- 2mths- inpatient and outpatient
Ortho- 1 mth

Program Year 2

FP Office – 1 mth
FM Inpatient service - 1 mth
Peds- 2 mths- inpatient and outpatient
Ob-1 mth
ICU- 1 mth
Surgery-1 mth
Derm- 1 mth
Elective- 1 mth
Sports Medicine- 1 mth
NF-2 mths

Program Year 3

FM Inpatient service- 1 mth
Cardiology-1 mth
Electives- 3 ½ mths
FP Office- 2 mths
Ophthalmology-1/2 mth
Community Medicine-1mth
NF-1 mth
ER- 1 mth
Peds- 1 mth outpatient


Behavioral Health
Practice management