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Visiting Residents/Interns

Residents/Interns from other institutions who wish to participate in residency rotation through one of Sampson Regional Medical Center's residency programs must complete and submit a Visiting Resident/Intern Application.  

Visiting Intern for Dermatology

Visiting Resident for Family Medicine

All visiting resident/intern applications are due to the GME Office at least 60 days prior to the start of a rotation.  

Visiting residents/interns from out of state must secure their temporary medical license through their home program or by contacting the North Carolina Medical Board.  Participation in any rotation is welcomed based on space availability.  Visiting residents/interns must currently be enrolled in an AOA accredited training program at their home institution.  

Sampson Regional Medical Center requires a Program Letter of Agreement with the home institution prior to the visiting residents/intern's participation in our training program.  The visiting resident/intern's GME Office must forward this document with the application and all other required documents.  

Sampson Regional Medical Center does not provide stipend support, housing, travel, or meals for visiting residents/interns.  

All requirements must be met in order for applications to be considered complete.  

For questions or assistance please contact:
Cheryl Barefoot, GME Coordinator.
Phone:  910-596-5421