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Your health information is available at your convenience.  With our portal, you can access portions of your health information online, versus over the phone or in person.  The information is where and when you want it.  This means you can access the portal on your schedule, whether you’re home, on vacation, or at another medical office.  Use the portal anywhere you have Internet connection.  It can be accessed 24/7 from your home computer, smartphone, or tablet.  With this secure portal, you also have the option of assigning other users to your account so they can be updated about your care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my health information in the myHealthConnect portal come from?

The information in the portal comes from your Sampson Regional Medical Center electronic health record.

How do I log into the myHealthConnect?

If you are already a registered user, go to the login page, then simply enter your user name and password. 

What if I have not registered to use the portal?

If you have not received a login ID, you self-enroll here.  You will need to have your Medical Record # and current email address on file with the hospital.

Can my family access my information in the portal?

Only if you provide permission.  If you wish to give your family or other caregivers access to your record in My Health Connect, you will need to fill out the Proxy Request form and return it to the Health Information Management (HIM) Department at Sampson Regional Medical Center.  

Are my physician office records available here?

No.  You will need to contact your physician for information regarding your health record in his/her practice.  If your physician is part of Sampson Regional Professional Services (a hospital-owned practice) you can access the Follow My Health portal to view your health record, schedule appointments, and request prescription refills, and more. 

Who do I contact for possible errors in my record?

Please contact our Health Information Management (HIM) Department for more information about how to amend your record.  910-592-8511 ext. 8485.

Who do I contact to discuss my results?

Contact your primary care physician or the provider who ordered the test.

How do I know if my results are available to view in myHealthConnect?

You will receive an email regarding new activity on your patient portal account.  Results and reports will be available 36 hours after completion.

Is my information safe?

Yes, our portal is encrypted and URLs are re-written so that they cannot be copied and pasted.  You and authorized proxy members are the only ones who can access your portal.  A timeout feature also protects your information in case you leave the portal page open.

What if I'm having technical problems with the portal?

You can submit any questions you have regarding the portal by emailing or you can leave a message at 910-596-6111.  Please allow 1-3 business days for a response.