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Patients & Visitors


Visiting a Patient

Sampson Regional Medical Center recognizes the importance of having family support during times of healing and encourages loved ones to visit. Our visitation guidelines encourage loved ones to be a part of the healing process while still allowing for patient privacy and rest for healing. Although visiting at SampsonRMC is flexible, visiting hours end at 9 p.m. each night to allow for a restful and therapeutic environment.

Temporary Visitation Restriction

Due to widespread influenza activity reported throughout North Carolina and in the local area, Sampson Regional Medical Center has imposed visitation restrictions until further notice.  With few exceptions, the mandatory visitation guidelines are hospital-wide and restrict visitors under the age of 18 or adults of any age who have fever or flu-like symptoms.  

Guidelines for Visitation in Patient Care Areas

  • Do not visit if you have a fever, a cold/sore throat or other illness
  • Ask prior to bringing food, drinks or other items like flowers into patient care areas that might trigger allergies or other unintended effects
  • Be respectful to the healing of all of SampsonRMC’s patients by avoiding noisy and disruptive behavior
  • Wash your hands before entering and when exiting a patient’s room
  • Please be sure children have a supervising adult with them at all times
  • The needs of particular patients may create exceptions to the stated visiting times/guidelines