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Rehabilitation Services

At Sampson Regional Medical Center, our comprehensive rehabilitation services are coordinated between our staff and their physician. Our individualized therapy care maximizes improvements in strength, range of motion, and return to function in a minimal amount of time. Using the most up-to-date treatment methods, our skilled therapy team help our patients achieve and often surpass their initial goals of therapy.

By staying current with the up-to-date research in rehabilitative therapy, we are able to develop and implement the most effective treatment care plan that accomplishes the best outcome for our patients' needs.

Acute Care Rehabilitation

Our team of certified therapists and assistants provide the patients of SampsonRMC with inpatient rehabilitative therapy, which includes physical, occupational and speech.   They work closely with our surgeons and hospitalists to develop patient-specific therapy plans to help our patients achieve their maximum functionality and independence. Whatever the patient’s reasons for being in the hospital, our therapy team will assist with their rehabilitation needs.

Outpatient Rehabilitation  

The services we offer at our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center include:

Aquatic Therapy –– This water-based therapy allows us to promote fitness, relaxation and physical rehabilitation in the peaceful atmosphere of a heated therapy pool. From post-surgical treatment for joint replacement to the treatment of arthritis, our staff are here to provide care in a calm and healing environment. 

Occupational Therapy –– Occupational therapy focuses on recovering and improving skills needed on a daily basis at home, work or in social settings. 

Physical Therapy –– Our physical therapists use a variety of exercises to improve a patient’s motor skills and recover their range of motion. 
* Our team is trained in the latest treatment options for orthopedic rehabilitation and vestibular conditions.

Speech/Language Therapy –– Through this program, we work to improve speech and communication based on the patient’s unique needs. 

Certified McKenzie Therapy –– The McKenzie Therapy Approach focuses on specific exercises to suppress pain. Our licensed McKenzie Therapist will work with your physician to build a treatment plan aimed at reducing back and neck pain. Our Outpatient Therapy Center has Sampson County’s only certified McKenzie Therapist. 

Pediatric Therapy –– Our therapists are trained to provide therapy to children and young adults ages newborn-21. From swallowing disorders and delayed development to sports injuries, our therapists work to improve and correct pediatric patient conditions.

Lymphedema Management Therapy–– Patients with damaged lymph nodes can take part in our lymphedema therapy, which uses manual drainage, massage, and exercise to decrease swelling. The goal of this therapy is to restore function and prevent the development of infection.

To contact our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center please call (910) 596-4244.