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Why have a hospital foundation?
The SRMC foundation was founded in 1990 and revitalized in 2002 to help reach the short-range and long-range goals strategic plans of our local medical center. Medical technology and services are ever changing, so we must keep abreast of these changes to provide you, our patients, with the best possible health care. In an effort to keep your medical costs down, the Foundation solicits and accepts grants and contributions to carry out the mission of the hospital. The SRMC foundation is a 501 (3)(c) nonprofit organization, which means that the contributions are tax-deductible.

Who governs the SRMC foundation?
The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board, approved by the hospital Board of Trustees, which currently has 18 members representing all areas of Sampson County. The Executive Director is the only employee and is responsible for the activities of the Foundation.